Marketing Update

Hello there
Steve and Hugh want you to know that just because the weather slows some things down, we will continue to work hard every single day to promote and sell your fine property.
During deer season Steve will be covering for Hugh, who hunts with his uncles up east of Ralph in the Northland area.  Hugh is hoping to see a worthy buck to shoot, but has a doe tag and will settle for some venison.  It has been a couple of years since he’s shot a buck though…
If you need anything or have questions about anything during this time, just call Steve at 906-396-3002 or email at

Besides our social media ads and the local and regional print marketing, we will continue to market your property on the IN TOUCH  radio show on Frog Country radio that airs Saturdays at 745am. Our monthly slot is on the 3rd Saturday of each month….this month falling on November 23rd.
We are also improving our website constantly and believe we have the easiest site to navigate among any local real estate companies.  Hugh has been utilizing the highly valued services of Michael Rock from “Webs That Rock” who has extensive experience in designing and creating comprehensive and user-friendly web sites for countless business entities.  
For those of you that partake…Happy Hunting!  For those that don’t—have a great weekend.
Hugh and Steve

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